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I'm Michelle Tempesta, mom to Sean and Eric.

I have kept my kiddos busy with after school programs and camps for the past 11 years. And, it's been tough. You see, my husband and I are working parents trying to stay in the know with all things for the kids. We've had some perfect matches and then there was the time we signed two kids who don't do well in highly competitive environments, to the most competitive flag football program on the planet. Ooops!

Until Turf, we relied mostly on Google Search and information from fellow parents to find programs that matched our kids' needs.

After struggling through finding and scheduling actitives for their 11th summer, I realized there must be a better way.

That's when I contacted a close friend who is also from the tech space. After lots of interviews and research, we founded Turf - a marketplace for all kinds of activities. Turf is here to help you quickly find the right programs for your family.

Turf is brand new - launched in October 2023. We are here to get it right for you. Seriously. Send us feedback via email to michelle@turfgo.io - and know that we will always listen. We promise to continuously improve on delivering a marketplace that will help you find the right programs for your kiddos.

Michelle Tempesta
Founder, Turfgo, LLC.